On the heels of the news that the January 6 commission will not come to fruition (thanks in part to two Senate Democrats who didn’t show up for the vote), Hillary Clinton is making her outrage known:

If we’re being honest, neither party has acquitted itself terribly well during this whole thing.

But Hillary Clinton has never acquitted herself well, and her take above is no exception. “They killed a policeman” is a straight-up lie, at least according to the official ruling from the D.C. chief medical examiner.

Hillary may be evil, but she’s not stupid. She knows that Officer Sicknick wasn’t murdered by rioters on January 6, and she’s willing to lie to her 30-plus million followers in order to score political points.

Hillary knows her followers won’t care about the truth. And in all likelihood, she will face absolutely zero consequences for her malicious deception.