If anyone deserves an apology from the media right now, it’s GOP Sen. Tom Cotton. Because the same smarter-than-you media firefighters who raked him over the coals for floating the COVID19 lab-leak hypothesis last year are currently attempting to whitewash the fact that they raked him over the coals for floating the COVID19 lab-leak hypothesis, which actually seems to have quite a bit of merit after all.

Last year, Tom Nichols — one of firefighters’ go-to experts on being an Expert™ — was among those crapping all over Tom Cotton for maybe being onto something:

An increasingly desperate Nichols was forced to resort to blatantly gaslighting about what Tom Cotton had actually said, because that’s what Experts™ do.

Cotton never called COVID19 a “Chinese bioweapon.” But saying he did made Nichols feel smart and superior, and that’s what matters.

Anyway, fast-forward to the present day, when the lab-leak hypothesis is looking quite plausible. Nichols has a golden opportunity to apologize to Cotton for smearing him.

So, naturally, Nichols is squandering the opportunity and digging his grave even deeper:

Again, Cotton was only laying out all the possible causes of the pandemic. That’s actually a very scientific approach to problem-solving.

But enough about you, Tom.

Good Lord.

“Ackshually, I, Tom Nichols, the Expert™, was touting the lab-leak hypothesis a year ago.” Talk about trying to rewrite history.

Tom Nichols definitely has a brand.