By now, you’ve probably at least heard about Josh Rogin’s explosive report in the Washington Post revealing that the U.S. State Department knew about safety and security issues at the Wuhan laboratory that was conducting studies on bat-borne coronavirus.

This report lends still more credibility to Sen. Tom Cotton’s suggestion that COVID19 may have been released from the lab.

At the time Cotton made his remarks, he was dragged through the mud by the media — including, yes, the Washington Post — and liberal ChiCom apologists for trafficking in a debunked conspiracy theory.

It seems fair at this point to suggest that Cotton deserves an apology from those who dismissed his evidently valid concerns.

But Cotton shouldn’t hold his breath for an apology from Area Expert™ Tom Nichols. As an Expert™, Tom Nichols is never, ever wrong about anything, and therefore he has nothing to apologize for.

Did Cotton thunder about that? We must’ve missed it.


Except Cotton never made the charge that COVID19 was a “Chinese bioweapon.” Not even Tom’s pretentious busting out of “Motte and bailey” can change that.

Tom hopes loud noises will mask his dishonesty.

(Note: John Noonan is Senior Counselor for Military & Defense Affairs for Tom Cotton.)

Cotton doesn’t need to do damage control considering he didn’t do anything wrong. Nichols, on the other hand …

Not Tom Cotton’s.

Tom Cotton has yet to be proven wrong on COVID19. Nichols is another story.

So, Nichols at last admits that Cotton never called COVID19 a Chinese bioweapon, but it’s OK to pretend he did because Tom Cotton is bad.

Why the hell does anyone still respect Tom Nichols’ takes on anything?

Parting evergreen tweet:



Like Rick Wilson, but with hair, Tom Nichols refuses to quit while he’s behind:

Tom lecturing someone else about “unbecoming” behavior is pretty rich.

We certainly see how Tom Nichols operates.