We can only imagine how difficult it is to be Joe Biden right now, what with all the constant contradictions.

We learned yesterday that his administration had shut down a State Department investigation — an investigation launched at the request of Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo — into the origin of the COVID19 pandemic. Once that story broke, Biden suddenly called for a probe.

Well, speaking of this new probe, here’s what Biden had to say about it earlier today:

Well, that clears everything up.

What, exactly, is the point of this exercise? Joe Biden’s answers aren’t really all that helpful, but then, to be fair, the second question is kind of silly. The probe needs to happen before we know the findings. That’s generally how things work.

It’s almost like the media and Joe Biden are both largely useless.

Well, at least one thing’s pretty certain:

We definitely don’t need a reporter to tell us that.