Last week, Thread King Drew Holden took a look back at the media’s coverage of the lab-leak hypothesis, from a time before GOP Sen. Tom Cotton’s “conspiracy theory” started to look like a pretty viable scenario, actually, for the COVID19 pandemic’s origin.

This week, now that the lab-leak theory has suddenly become credible

Holden is shining a glaring spotlight on the media’s attempts to gaslight and cover their tracks after so shamelessly peddling baseless narratives in the name of embarrassing Tom Cotton and, ultimately, Donald Trump:

Strap in for this one … it’s really something:

We have that feeling, too. Just call it a hunch.

That’s putting it mildly.

But a Drew Holden thread that takes no prisoners is the best.

Be advised, media: Drew Holden is watching you. And you will not be spared.