“Young Turks” alumna Emma Vigeland cohosts a political podcast that streams on NBC’s Peacock. And she wants to be very clear about something: if Hamas is a terrorist organization, then Israel and America are, too.

Here’s her reasoning:

Where’d it go? Good thing we got a screenshot:

You can take Emma Vigeland out of “The Young Turks,” but you can’t take “The Young Turks” out of Emma Vigeland.

Emma Vigeland’s characterization isn’t just unfair; it’s downright malicious. Not to mention dangerous.

Watch out, Trevor Noah and John Oliver. You guys’ve got competition.

We wouldn’t say it’s lost … they’re pretty much broadcasting it loud and clear at this point.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with a screenshot and additional text.



Let Emma be clear: she did not delete her tweet because she’s sorry. On the contrary, she stands by it; she’s just tired of “rightwing actors” who twisted her remarks.

Let the record show that Emma Vigeland stands by her ignorant bigotry.