New York Times Editorial Board member Mara Gay recently interviewed New York City mayoral candidates, and she got some of them to say some pretty interesting things.

Yeah, Mara Gay is great, all right. So great that when she interviewed Andrew Yang, she asked him why he’s sat down with someone like Dave Rubin, “who regularly hosts white supremacists”:

When we think of white supremacist sympathizers, Dave Rubin’s name isn’t one of those that jumps to mind.

Pssst, Andrew! It’s OK to tell Mara Gay she’s full of crap.

Because, you know, she is.

Ah, yes. A Mara Gay classic! Her understanding of white supremacists is right up there with her grasp on math.

Oh well. It’s not like there was ever a chance of Mara Gay apologizing.

At least Dave knows how to find the silver lining: