California Republican gubernatorial hopeful Caitlyn Jenner appeared on Fox News last night, where she was interviewed by Sean Hannity.

Naturally, Vox’s Aaron Rupar was watching. Because Aaron’s always on the lookout for comments he can twist to suit his preferred narrative.

Let’s stop Aaron right there for a sec:

But good job trying to paint Jenner as a coldhearted homeless-phobe, Aaron.

Moving on:

Apparently that’s supposed to be highly problematic because, as a trans woman, Caitlyn Jenner isn’t allowed to be concerned that biological males have an innate physical and competitive advantage over biological females when it comes to athleticism.

Let’s address one more highlight for Aaron:

Sorry … what’s Aaron’s issue here, exactly?

We know that Donald Trump was anti-Science and obviously Caitlyn Jenner is even more anti-Science, but we’re legitimately confused by Aaron’s tweet.

Someone like Rupar displays just as much obnoxious, ignorant partisanship as kneejerk Trump defenders. But unlike the latter group, Aaron won’t get called out by his fellow Guardians of Truth.

What a mature, thoughtful approach from a mature, thoughtful journalist.



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