California Republican gubernatorial hopeful Caitlyn Jenner is a trans woman opposed to trans women playing women’s sports.

And that makes her a (trans)gender traitor, because she’s not living her life the way her body parts dictate she should. At least that’s the Woke Left’s logic, the same Woke Left that once celebrated Jenner’s stunning bravery and now want her shunned from society for rejecting their narrative.

Anyway, Jenner sat down for an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity last night, where she discussed her opposition to allowing transgender women to compete against biological women in sports:

We’re not clear where the cognitive dissonance in those remarks lies, but then, we’re not Vox hack Aaron Rupar. Or famous-for-yelling actor-comedian Billy Eichner, for that matter:

“The enemy”? That seems a bit melodramatic, Billy. And also extremely insane.

Why can’t she still be a force for good, Billy? Because she believes in basic biology? Because she believes that deliberately putting women at a competitive disadvantage is bad? Because she’s a Republican?

Caitlyn Jenner has got plenty of baggage, to be sure. But Billy Eichner has decided to completely forgo any substantive arguments against her and instead shame her over her gender.

That’s called bigotry, Billy.