Big news out of Firefighter World today, as PBS NewsHour’s Yamiche Alcindor has been named the new host of PBS’ “Washington Week”:

Yamiche is understandably stoked, because her platform as a journalist is about to expand substantially:

By “journalist,” we mean, of course, “activist.” If she were an actual journalist, Yamiche Alcindor’s “guiding light” would be the truth.

But … she’s not an actual journalist.

If PBS is serious about convincing Americans that they serve a purpose other than White House stenographers, they’re gonna have to work a lot harder and not do things like promote Yamiche Alcindor.

It shouldn’t be, but here we are.



PBS journo Yamiche Alcindor’s ‘fact check’ conveniently finds that Maxine Waters ‘did not threaten violence’ (isn’t that right, Jen Psaki?)