Columbus Police bodycam footage shows Ma’Khia Bryant apparently “attempting to stab two people with a knife.” While we don’t know absolutely everything about the incident, it seems reasonably natural to draw the conclusion that Bryant, the girl in black, wasn’t just minding her own business when she was shot.

Well, sometimes a runaway narrative is just too strong to let die. That’s apparently the case here, as Black Lives Matter activist Bree Newsome illustrates so well.

See, according to her, we’re not supposed to consider whether or not Ma’Khia Bryant was in the process of stabbing someone else, because teenagers will be teenagers:

We need help?

Well, this certainly is a take. Maybe the hottest of takes.

It’s probably in the Constitution somewhere.

It wasn’t? Speak for yourself!

See what he did there?

Bree really went for it.

Guess not.

Editor’s note: We’ve changed the spelling of Ma’Khia Bryant’s first name from “Makiyah” in our headline and post to align with the correct spelling as reported by the media at large.