Earlier today, Joe Biden weighed in on the ongoing Derek Chauvin trial, which is definitely something that’s totally appropriate for a sitting president to do, especially with the looming threat of riots:

“I’m praying the verdict is the right verdict, which I think is overwhelming in my view.”

Perhaps Jen Psaki would care to clarify the president’s remarks. Jen, care to clarify?


Joe Biden wouldn’t see it as weighing on the verdict? OK, Jen, that’s fair enough, given the state of Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities. But what about you, Jen? What do you think?

Now that, we believe. We’re not so sure that the WH press corps is getting kind of fed up with Psaki’s verbal and intellectual gymnastics routines, though we’d like to think that even they have their limit.

It is weighing in. It is most definitely weighing in.

We feel so refreshed.