Donald Trump had to be voted out and Democrats had to retake control of both houses of Congress so that we could preserve norms. Well, Dems got their wishes, and now those norms don’t need preserving anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen, Progressive New York Dem Rep. Mondaire Jones:

Because of course it is. Everything is.

Not really.

Even, if he was just taking a shot at Kirsten Gillibrand, ultimately Jones wants to expand the Supreme Court so that there are enough liberals justices to make sure our norms get preserved. He deserves to get made fun of, too. And his court packing proposal deserves to crash and burn before it ever gets off the ground.

For what it’s worth, this “movement” stinks.

Fact-check: true.

Naturally, Jones is countering it with a bald-faced lie:

Words really have lost their meaning.