In case you missed it, a group of Democrats are fighting to preserve norms by expanding the Supreme Court from nine to 13 justices.

Democrats have only been talking about this since Donald Trump was in office, before Joe Biden was elected. And yet, somehow, Principles First™ conservatives like Heath Mayo, whose conservative principles compelled him to vote for Joe Biden in the presidential election, are expressing shock and dismay at Biden and Democrats’ push to pack the Supreme Court:

“But Trump!” was Heath’s answer for a long time. It still is sometimes.

The irony of Heath Mayo telling Democrats to see the bigger picture when he apparently completely missed what’s been right in front of him should not be lost on anyone. And while we’re disgusted by Democrats’ efforts to remake the Supreme Court in their own image, we’re nonetheless willing to rub Mayo’s nose in it. He — and the rest of the Principled Conservatives for Joe Biden — deserve it.



Principles First™ conservative Heath Mayo is just so shocked and disappointed that the Lincoln Project ‘[has] gone completely off the rails’