The Daunte Wright shooting has reignited — or, rather, further ignited — debates about racism in law enforcement, so much so that there have been several days of rioting in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, where the shooting occurred.

What America needs right now is someone to come and cool things down. And who better to cool things down than an ice cream company?

Thank you, Ben & Jerry’s for always knowing exactly what to say when tensions get high:

They should make an ice cream flavor for this. “Defund The Pol-Ice Cream.” (That suggestion’s just a placeholder, of course. Give us some time and we’ll come up with something snappier.)

What a world when people actually look to Ben & Jerry’s for policy.

What a time to be alive.

To be fair, who better than a couple of woke white guys to decide what’s best for black and brown communities?

Better get on that. Wouldn’t want to prop up white supremacy …

Some things never change.



Ben & Jerry’s helpfully breaks down the ‘two Americas’ revealed by Wednesday’s ‘riot to uphold white supremacy’