Dr. Anthony Fauci showed up today to muddle the FDA and CDC’s messaging on the recently pulled Johnson & Johnson COVID19 vaccine even more, just in case you didn’t think that was possible for anyone to do.

Some people are understandably pissed off, as they fail to see The Science™ in pulling a vaccine that may or may not have led to blood clots in six people out of 7 million. And to those people, CNN chief national affairs correspondent Jeff Zeleny says you need to pipe down because you’re not an expert like Dr. Anthony Fauci (or Jeff Zeleny, apparently):

Got that, uneducated, anti-science rubes?

Attn CNN hack making excuses for Fauci’s disastrous messaging: you don’t know what actual science actually entails.

The face of public health in this country owes the public in this country that much.

Weird, right?

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