Recently, Reason’s Robby Soave examined the mainstream media’s conspicuous silence on “60 Minutes” egregiously awful hit job on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis:

Soave noted that, aside from CNN’s Oliver Darcy (!), media outlets have been largely reluctant to call out CBS and “60 Minutes.”

Good for Oliver Darcy. Really. He finally did his job.

Well, fast-forward a few hours, and at least Poynter’s gotten around to covering the story. Sort of:

“Satisfactory” is better than “nonexistent,” but we shouldn’t get too excited about Poynter’s article.

“Misses the mark” is an awfully generous way to characterize what “60 Minutes” did.

Tom Jones writes:

CBS’s “60 Minutes” is the finest and most respected investigative journalism show in the history of television. Even after 53 years on the air, “60 Minutes” remains among the most relevant, effective and powerful brands in news. There’s no dispute that it has been and continues to be home to elite reporting on the most critical issues of our time.

But that doesn’t mean it’s infallible. And a sloppy moment on Sunday’s show is raising serious concerns.

So we’re supposed to just chalk this up to a fine, respected investigative journalism show like “60 Minutes” having “a sloppy moment.”

Ackshually, to be fair, Jones does mention the deceptive editing. Just not in a way that holds “60 Minutes” accountable:

“60 Minutes” said DeSantis turned down requests for an interview. So Alfonsi asked her questions about this topic during a DeSantis press conference. He gave an answer of more than two minutes. You can understand how “60 Minutes” didn’t have time to run his full answer, but DeSantis complained that his answer was deceptively edited.

“DeSantis complained,” after leaving “60 Minutes” with no choice but to butcher his full answer.

And now, it’s Ron DeSantis who ultimately benefits, which is, of course, the real story here:

In the end, this all could benefit DeSantis, according to CNN’s Chris Cillizza. Cillizza writes, “The report — and the backlash — amount to a massive gift to DeSantis as he looks to his reelection race next year and, he hopes, a 2024 run for the Republican presidential nomination. … DeSantis couldn’t have written this script any better. He gets oodles more national attention and love from Trump conservatives, all the while being able to bash away at the media. Win, win, win.”

This doesn’t ruin the “60 Minutes” brand, but this was not one of the show’s finer moments.

Poynter doesn’t seem too upset about it.

Upon further reflection, Poynter’s piece isn’t actually satisfactory at all. It is, in fact, decidedly subpar. And it won’t move the needle toward journalistic integrity even a little bit.

If you’re looking for a genuinely good takedown of “60 Minutes,” look no further than Ron DeSantis himself:



‘What a disaster’: Emails between 60 Minutes and Ron DeSantis’ office have CBS dead to rights on gross media malpractice