We need to have a national conversation … about how annoying Saira Rao is.

She literally appears to serve no purpose other than to complain that everyone is racist, which is a lot of projection because she’s the one who’s always saying racist things. Especially about white people.

See, in Saira’s mind, white people who are friends with non-white people who don’t regularly challenge their whiteness are actually not really friends with non-white people at all. Did you get all that? If not, it’s OK. Her tweet about it is just as insane:

Honest question: who would be friends with Saira Rao? We feel like people of every skin color should be able to unite in their being fed up with Saira Rao’s schtick.

That’s sarcasm, Saira. Just so you don’t think for a moment that people actually like you.

Good. That means you’re at least somewhat normal.

If anyone has, it’s not by much. What a shame for Saira Rao that money can’t buy credibility.

So at least she’s not completely useless.

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