GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz didn’t kick this week off in the best way.

After the New York Times broke the story that the DOJ is investigating Gaetz over an alleged relationship with a 17-year-old, Gaetz attempted damage control by … doing even more damage:

Gaetz proceeded to explain in a thread that he’s actually a victim of extortion. But sometimes Twitter isn’t enough to plead your case. Sometimes you’ve gotta go on TV.

So that’s what Gaetz did. He went on Tucker Carlson’s show to clear things up.

Whether or not he succeeded is another story entirely:

If you’re pressed for time, Carlson had the TL:DR version:

What a ride.

We’re right there with you, Tucker.

Gaetz seems to have taken a rosier view of the interview, because he retweeted it:

Did he watch the interview? Not sure we would’ve been so eager to spread it around.

Matt Gaetz might want to hire a spokesperson or something. Because so far, he’s doesn’t seem like the best spokesman for himself.