Did you hear the story about Volkswagen’s upcoming rebrand in the U.S. as “Voltswagen”? It was a big thing, reportedly to mark their commitment to producing electric vehicles.

For a lot of people, the news brought back memories of IHOP’s teased rebrand as IHOb, the “International House of Burgers.” It just didn’t make a lot of sense that a company that well known and with that much history would suddenly change their name.

Anyway, if you were skeptical about the name change, congratulations on having good intuition and a basic understanding of marketing campaigns:

More from CNBC:

The Wall Street Journal reported the prank earlier Tuesday, citing a Volkswagen spokesman in Wolfsburg.

An unfinished version of the initial press release went out briefly on VW’s U.S. media newsroom website Monday morning before it was taken down. Media outlets, including CNBC, reported it as news after it was confirmed by unnamed sources within the company, who apparently lied to several reporters.

The release said the name change is expected to take effect in May and called the change a “public declaration of the company’s future-forward investment in e-mobility.” It said Voltswagen will be placed as an exterior badge on all EV models, with gas vehicles having the company’s iconic VW emblem only.

Volkswagen apparently lied to several reporters!

Joe Biden has also lied to several reporters. Jen Psaki lies to several reporters every time she’s at the podium.

But it’s a lame April Fools’ Day joke that’s got journalists upset about being “lied to.”

Meet Nathan Bomey, business reporter for USA Today (USA Today’s been on quite a roll lately!). He’s very, very upset about falling for something so dumb being misled:

Oh, the humanity!


Well, to be fair, Nathan Bomey’s reaction is actually pretty damn funny. Maybe Volkswagen was onto something.

Guys. Come on.

Looks like incompetence to us, too. On the part of journalists, at least.

Nobody undermines journalists’ credibility quite like journalists themselves.

That’s the perfect way to look at it.

They can’t help themselves. They literally cannot.



It’s worth noting that there’s a legitimate beef to be had by journalists — and people in general — with Volkswagen over the “Voltswagen” stuff:

66? Really?

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