USA Today intern Brenna T. Smith has been taking some heat from critics thanks to her role in writing a piece smacking Capitol riot defendants for using crowdfunding sites to raise money for their legal defense.

And, to be sure, some of the pushback against Smith has been pretty vicious:

But — without making excuses for the nastiness — criticism is to be expected when you put your name on a piece like that. A lot of people are going to take issue with you if you shame one side for crowdfunding after committing acts of violence but give the other side a pass.

For the record, though, Insider digital cultural reporter Rachel Greenspan doesn’t think Smith did anything wrong, and she certainly doesn’t believe that Smith deserves to be criticized, particularly by the likes of Glenn Greenwald and Jack Posobiec.

Sorry, Gl*nn Gr**nwald and J*ck Posobi*c:

Dear God. Not the first name!

One can only hope.

She most certainly is not. But Rachel (may we call her Rachel?) wants us to treat her like one.