Insider digital cultural reporter Rachel Greenspan is appalled at journalist Glenn Greenwald for having the chutzpah to criticize USA Today intern Brenna T. Smith over an article Smith helped write, an article casting a bad light on Capitol riot defendants using crowdfunding websites to raise money for their legal defense.

Here are the tweets from Greenwald that’s got Greenspan crying “harassment”:

How dare Greenwald harass a literal INTERN (!!!) like that?!

Harassment isn’t par for the course, actually. Also, Greenwald’s tweets weren’t harassment. It’s not harassment to point out that a young woman with a byline can get it very wrong.

If Rachel Greenspan and other stunningly brave journalists have a right to be outraged on Brenna T. Smith’s behalf, Glenn Greenwald certainly has a right to be outraged on his own behalf, and on behalf of others who have been targeted by stunningly brave journalists for not falling into line.

And he is:

And it’s paid off well for them. They’ve managed to make a pretty good living dishing it while not being able to take it.


And one needn’t agree with everything Glenn Greenwald says to be able to acknowledge that he’s right about the media’s one-sided campaign for truth and justice.



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