Candace Owens is a pretty polarizing figure even on the Right. But that doesn’t necessarily make her wrong about everything.

Yesterday, Owens noted that, statistically speaking, black men are responsible for more violent crimes against blacks and Asians:

She’s not making a judgment about black people. She’s not suggesting that all black people are violent. She’s merely stating facts and pointing out that the Left’s insistence on blaming white supremacy for violence against minorities is disingenuous.

But California congressional hopeful and — according to his bio — college history professor Liam O’Mara doesn’t agree with Owens. So he replied with a thoughtful, fact-based response.

Just kidding — he tweeted this:

Here’s a screenshot, juuuust in case it comes in handy later on:

“Yikes” is right, Liam.

Nor should it.

That would certainly make much more sense.



Candace Owens understandably has some thoughts about Liam O’Mara’s tweet:

Fact-check: true.