Gun control proponents frequently claim to be against gun violence, but we can’t help but notice the way they salivate over mass shootings. To them, these shootings aren’t so much tragedies as they are opportunities to push their agendas and promote a narrative that best suits the Left’s causes.

And one of the Left’s favorite narratives these days is that all violence is ultimately caused by white supremacist ideology.

So it should come as no surprise whatsoever that lefties were citing yesterday’s deadly mass shooting at a Boulder, Colorado, grocery store as evidence that white supremacist violence is on the rise:

Lots more where those came from. Including this one from journalist and “activist against Islamophobia” C.J. Werleman:

We’re still waiting for more information, but now that the suspect has reportedly been identified as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa (or some variation of that name) …

… we’re wondering if maybe C.J. and friends jumped the gun, so to speak, when the pre-emptively proclaimed the Boulder shooting suspect to be a white guy.


If Werleman does any of those things, don’t expect any sort of apology or mea culpa. That’s just not how he rolls.

Nailed it. And C.J. Werleman illustrates that perfectly.

Anyway, worth considering:

Parting reminder:

Maybe lefty jackasses like C.J. Werleman should try that sometime.