Media Matters Senior Fellow Matthew Gertz was just trying to do his job today, watching the big three networks in anticipation of their covering for President Joe Biden in the face of the crisis at our southern border.

But what he got instead was coverage of our crisis at the southern border.

And he was pretty upset about it:

Imagine! Referring to a crisis as a “crisis.” Don’t they know that a Democrat is in the White House right now?

Oh yes. Most definitely. That’s literally the only explanation there is for any network referring to the situation at the border as a “crisis.”

Yeah, if there’s one thing the media have demonstrated since Joe Biden was inaugurated, it’s that they don’t want to talk about Donald Trump.

Absolutely. We can’t let the American public get tricked into thinking that Joe Biden bears any responsibility for the border crisis situation, even though he infamously told aspiring illegal immigrants to flock to our southern border.

If Media Matters wants to call out the media for something, let it be for taking as long as they did to acknowledge what the rest of us have already known was true.

It’s the sort of coverage we should have had from the get-go.

And if it keeps up, Matthew Gertz may have no choice but to spontaneously combust: