Stimulating the economy may not be cheap, but at least it’ll be worth it!

At least that’s what the Democrats want us to believe.

The American Rescue Plan Act, also known as the $1.9-trillion COVID19 relief bill, is packed with pork that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with COVID19 relief or economic recovery. But über-progressive Dem Rep. Ro Khanna is touting it as the answer to one of America’s most persistent prayers:

So, the stimulus package will cut child poverty in half, eh?

It’s not Joe Biden’s promise that his election would result in a cure for cancer, but still, it’s quite something.

An impressive feat considering that Ro Khanna is clearly not a serious person.

Sorry, you’ll have to wait.

In the meantime, enjoy the progressives chewing Khanna out over this:

Capitalists? Ouch. The ultimate insult.

You hate to see it.