As we told you earlier, ostensible “tech reporter” Taylor Lorenz marked International Women’s Day by complaining about being bullied and harassed online. And she knows a lot about online bullying and harassment, as she’s got an impressive history of perpetrating it.

Lorenz ended up limiting replies to her thread, likely because of all of the people spotlighting her glaring hypocrisy and shameless brandishing of the victim card. She could not, however, prevent people from retweeting her.

Which meant she couldn’t stop Glenn Greenwald from calling her out:

We’re not here to defend Julian Assange, but Greenwald’s point still stands. Hacks like Taylor Lorenz and Jim Acosta love to pump up their persecuted-journalist complexes despite having no idea what it’s like to actually be persecuted journalists.

Greenwald himself was targeted by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and charged with cybercrimes after publishing leaked materials that strongly suggested corruption in Bolsonaro’s justice department. He speaks from experience. Taylor Lorenz and Jim Acosta, not so much.

Needless to say, Lorenz takes great offense to Greenwald’s remarks:

And female journalists, stars or not, should not be able to avoid responsibility for the culture of online harassment they’ve helped to create and perpetuate.

Taylor Lorenz is a privileged woman who is only against online harassment when it’s directed at her. We have no doubt that she’ll have learned nothing from the experience that she claims has destroyed her life and will return to handing out pitchforks and torches to the Outrage Mob in short order.

True story.

We certainly wish no harm on Ms. Lorenz or on any other journalist. But we’re also not going to pretend that she’s not guilty of being one of the loudest, most persistent online bullies out there. If she thought she was immune from the poison she’s been spreading, she thought very, very wrong.