Journalist Glenn Greenwald is in hot water today, having been charged with cybercrimes by federal prosecutors in Brazil for his alleged role in hacking the cell phones of prosecutors and public officials.

More from the New York Times:

Mr. Greenwald, an ardent critic of Brazil’s far right president, Jair Bolsonaro, is a deeply polarizing figure in Brazil’s bitter political divide. This perception was fueled when the organization he co-founded, The Intercept Brasil, published articles last year based on the leaked cellphone messages that raised questions about the integrity and the motives of key members of Brazil’s justice system.

The articles cast doubt on the impartiality of a former judge, Sérgio Moro, and of some of the prosecutors who worked on a corruption investigation that landed several powerful political and business figures in prison. Among them was a former president, a popular leftist whose conviction paved the way for Brazil’s radical rightward shift and the election of Mr. Bolsonaro. Mr. Moro is now Mr. Bolsonaro’s minister of justice.

In a statement, Mr. Greenwald called the charges “an obvious attempt to attack a free press in retaliation for the revelations we reported about Minister Moro and the Bolsonaro government.”

Things could get very ugly for Greenwald very quickly.

Some words from Greenwald himself:

A number of journalists are coming to Greenwald’s defense:

Stay tuned to see how this shakes out.