As New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues trying to fend off allegations of sexual harassment, it’s more important than ever to keep everything in perspective.

Here’s Cuomo’s secretary Melissa DeRosa to help us all do that, by way of New York Daily News Cuomo apologist Linda Stasi:

Ah, yes. This is the stuff:

The rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated. No, Gov. Cuomo is not a dead duck or even necessarily a lame duck — and he shouldn’t be. He may not be perfect, but he has been the perfect man for our perilous pandemic times.

How quickly the pols calling for his ouster over unproven sexual misconduct allegations have forgotten that New York was, at the onset of the pandemic, COVID central.

Have people forgotten how the whole country tuned in every day to watch Cuomo’s honest pandemic updates — and how he gave us the only hope we had that somehow we’d get past it?

Obviously we can’t post Stasi’s piece in its entirety, but the above excerpts should give you an excellent idea of its contents.

And it’s earned her nothing less than the Melissa DeRosa Seal of Approval.

Right where she belongs.

Forget about elementary school; prison would likely suit her much better.


Or ill or dead developmentally disabled New Yorkers, evidently.