Earlier today, the New York Times published a damning exposé on the Lincoln Project, full of disturbing revelations not only concerning coverups of John Weaver’s sexual predation, but also concerning their very shady finances.

Now, it’s worth noting:

So, between the New York Times’ reporting and Rob Pyers’ months-long investigations, there’s a whole lotta dirt out there on the Lincoln Project’s finances.

And naturally, Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway expects us to believe he had no idea about any of it:

Oh, you fear that, do you, George? Do you really?

OK, well, in the meantime, what should people who still want to defeat Donald Trump do with their money instead?

Ah, yes. Give it to groups like Protect Democracy and The Bulwark, who will be far better stewards than the Lincoln Project of your contributions because they’re definitely not grifters or anything.

George Conway is nothing if not an excellent judge of character. Anyone who gets his seal of approval is someone you can trust.

We’d be nervous as hell if we were George Conway.

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