For some inexplicable reason, the Lincoln Project is still out there, tweeting out bad memes that they’ve more likely than not stolen from someone else and pretending that they’re not rotten to the core.

So we fully expect them to publicly shrug off this damning piece from the New York Times’ Danny Hakim, Maggie Astor and 

A deep — and deeply disturbing — dive:

You really should.

We have no doubt that they all knew in January 2020 … because they’d learned about Weaver’s behavior before January 2020.

But it paid off for them, didn’t it?

“A far more lucrative venture.”

The Lincoln Project — who decried Donald Trump as a sexual predator and serial swindler — has evidently been harboring a sexual predator in order to swindle as many people as possible.

That’s all it ever was.

It’s who they were all along.