As we told you earlier, the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank rode valiantly to OMB Director nominee Neera Tanden’s defense, pointing out that Tanden’s only sin all this time was tweeting the truth when others weren’t ready or willing to see it.

On its own, Milbank’s piece was special. But you know what they say: two simps are better than one.

That’s why it’s so great to see Politico get in on the action, too:

Double the fun!

She was powerless! She couldn’t help herself!

Joanna Weiss writes:

In hindsight, it looks like a repeated lapse of judgment. But to some extent, this was part of Tanden’s job. As a president of the liberal think tank Center for American Progress and a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton, she was frequently deployed as an attack dog, especially during campaigns and news crises. And Twitter was a natural ally in that work—like Washington, it was also a place where making all the right people mad could be an asset.

Tanden did her duty and apologized profusely, hinting that she wanted to distance herself from the cesspool Twitter had become. But the truth is, she was following the rules of her chosen medium all along. There’s no point in tweeting if you aren’t saying something that can rile people up. “Our networks have been designed for this exact outcome,” Phillips says. “The most rancorous stuff becomes the stuff that is most visible, that has the most purchase.”

In other words, the internet did everything in its power to make Tanden act the way she did, rewarded her with nearly 377,000 followers, then punished her in the end. And yet, with every tweet, she had free will. [Psychiatrist David Greenfield, founder and medical director of the Connecticut-based Center for Internet and Technology Addiction] counsels his patients who want to change their internet habits to never actually type out a tweet in the “compose” box, in Twitter or any other social media platform. Rather, he says, type your message in the Notes app, think about it for a minute, and cut and paste when you’re good and ready.

Damn Republicans and their pouncing.

She’s not. Because she has almost no chance of getting confirmed.

What a shame that is.

Neera Tanden is not the hill to die on. But they’re gonna die on it anyway.