Neera Tanden’s confirmation as OMB Director hasn’t been going too well. Things are bound to go wrong when you’ve insulted many of the senators whose “yes” votes you need, and, you know, when you’re an all-around toxic individual.

But even as she goes down in flames, Tanden can at least take comfort in knowing that she still has ride-or-die friends in the media.

Friends like the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank:

Milbank concludes:

We all want healing. We all want unity. But it won’t happen as long as the Party of Trump assigns Democrats sole responsibility for civility, while using President Biden’s admirable talk of unity as a cudgel. Collins moralized about Tanden representing “the kind of animosity that President Biden has pledged to transcend.” In other words, apology not accepted.

And it’s not just Tanden. Senate Republicans this week teed off on Biden’s interior secretary nominee, Deb Haaland, another woman of color, over her 2020 tweet saying that “Republicans don’t believe in science.” Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), who has cast doubt on the human role in climate change, called the tweet “concerning.”

No, senator. What’s “concerning” is that, after four years of excusing lies, racism, vulgarity, lawbreaking and self-dealing by the Trump administration, your idea of healing is to defeat Biden nominees for speaking the truth.

Is it, though? Is it really?

It’s just so transparent and terrible and transparently terrible.

“The truth” evidently means something very different to Dana Milbank than it does to the rest of us.