Matt Walsh may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a point when it comes to some of the inherent flaws in woke self-appointed gender experts’ reasoning:

To be fair, not every leftist subscribes to the idea that sex or gender is a social construct. But Walsh’s basic point still stands: the same people who argue that a biological male can be a woman are very often unable to clearly define what a “woman” is.

Noah Berlatsky — who makes a living writing thinkpieces and prefers the pronouns he/him, in case you’re wondering — appears to be genuinely offended by Walsh wanting a straightforward answer to what should be a very simple question:

What’s interesting is that Noah is treating gender as if it’s a math problem. A very complicated math problem.

Walsh is not the “bad faith dipsh*t” in this equation.

Why define biology by biology, when you can define it by feelings?

Kudos to Noah Berlatsky for managing to parlay his staggering ignorance into a successful writing career. That takes talent.