Yesterday, Montgomery County teachers’ unions held a huge car rally to protest the school board’s reopening plan.

The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney was there:

In addition to his series of tweets from the scene, Carney also wrote about what he witnessed in an Examiner opinion piece.

The whole thing is definitely worth your time, but this bit in particular deserves to be highlighted:

So, Jeremy Levine speaks for the teachers’ unions? Not a great look, teachers’ unions.

Seriously, what do clowns like Levine think they’re accomplishing with this? They’re not making a strong case for themselves, and they sure as hell aren’t endearing themselves to parents.

These self-described “educators” are the ones who deserve to get schooled.

Teachers’ unions have forfeited their right to clout. They’re not doing what’s best for teachers, and they’re sure as hell not looking out for the best interests of students.

And they give good, honest, and hardworking teachers — who actually do exist — a horrible name.