A lot of conservatives — and yes, even some liberals — have criticized the decision to nominate Neera Tanden to head the OMB. On Friday, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin came right out and said that he couldn’t support her nomination.

But apparently it’s too late to turn back now, and the Biden administration apparently sees no other choice but to push forward with Tanden, full-steam ahead. At least according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki:

Wow. She’s an “Asian American woman” with “lived experience”!

Well, that’s the White House’s prerogative. But if they’re gonna convince skeptics to hop aboard the Tanden Train, they’re gonna have to make a stronger case for her than her ethnicity and gender.

And, as @ComfortablySmug points out, they just don’t seem to be up to that task:

Jen Psaki used plenty of words in her tweet, but none of them explained why Neera Tanden should head the OMB.

And, while that may be how people like Jen Psaki want this to work, that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.


But while Psaki failed to make a positive case for Tanden, there are plenty of others out there who are having no trouble making a negative one.

We look forward to seeing them try.