The Lincoln Project’s hot streak continues apace!

Just recently, they tweeted out private DMs between reporter Amanda Becker and fed-up former Lincoln Project member Jennifer Horn. This was following the AP’s damning findings after conducting an investigation into the Lincoln Project’s inner workings, including an apparent coverup of co-founder John Weaver’s sexual predation.

And now, speaking of John Weaver, check out this scoop from Yashar Ali:

More from Ali:

The FBI is investigating allegations against longtime GOP political consultant and Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver, according to two sources who said they were contacted by FBI agents. Those sources told me the agents inquired whether Weaver ever touched them inappropriately or sent or requested sexually explicit material when they were underage.

The FBI asking potential witnesses about allegations of illegal conduct does not necessarily mean that someone is the subject or a target of a federal investigation. It’s also unclear what the scope of the FBI’s inquiry is; the sources who spoke to me said the questions they were asked were narrow in scope.

Dang. Did this guy call it or what?

Meanwhile, Ali writes that “emails to the Justice Department and Weaver asking for comment have not yet been answered.” So stay tuned, we guess.

This couldn’t be happening to a nicer bunch of people.