The Washington Blade’s Chris Johnson recently wrote damning exposé about the Lincoln Project (Lord knows there’s an abundance of material to work with). Johnson’s piece concerns Lincoln Project’s recent attempts to dismiss John Weaver as some guy they barely knew:


The Lincoln Project’s leaders, amid the unfolding scandal of co-founder John Weaver soliciting sexual favors from young men, have asserted they were unaware of his indiscretions until last month, but electronic communications obtained by the Washington Blade call that claim into question and suggest some Lincoln Project executives knew about the texts as early as last summer, but took no substantive action in response.

The communications with Lincoln Project officials undermine the assertion that “there was no awareness or insinuations of any type of inappropriate behavior when we became aware of the chatter at the time,” as co-founder Steve Schmidt told The New York Times last month. These electronic messages, which date back to August 2020 and include Lincoln Project co-founder Mike Madrid, showed that leadership was made aware of allegations about Weaver from reporters who were investigating it, and had begun discussions of how to respond to any fallout.

And speaking of Mike Madrid:

It’s déjà vu all over again:

We get wanting to distance from Mike Madrid. He is, after all, a nasty piece of work, though we’re not sure why that would be an issue for the Lincoln Project, seeing as they’re chock-full of nasty pieces of work.

Anyway, when journalist Cameron Cawthorne says he has receipts, he’s not kidding.

Check ’em:


Nice try, Steve.

You know, we’re starting to think that the Lincoln Project’s whole M.O. is just not thinking they’ll ever get caught.

Solid bet as it may be, it’s still worth calling them out. There’s always a slim chance that the media will finally wake up.

Eh, let’s be real: we know exactly who they are.