Arizona GOP Gov. Doug Ducey recently wrote an op-ed about how D.C. could benefit from working cooperatively with state governments:

Ducey writes:

Regardless of who occupies the White House or which party has the majority in Congress, our nation is confronted by a series of real challenges that can’t be kicked down the road. Defeating the COVID-19 pandemic must be at the top of our national to-do list, and on this states and the new administration can surely find common ground. This public health crisis is the test of our time and the only way to beat it is by working together.

But the pandemic is just the beginning. What’s the best way to create jobs? Prepare our children for the 21st century? Deal with our aging infrastructure? Tackling these problems will require something that has been all too rare in Washington: common sense and problem solving. And both our new president and elected leaders in Washington would be wise to look beyond the Potomac — to state capitols across the country, where governors have been working across party lines to produce results for their constituents.

President Trump’s administration brought a welcome and needed approach of working directly with the nation’s governors, both Democrat and Republican, to get things done. The Biden administration would be well served to continue in this spirit.

Seems like a pretty reasonable take. Ducey fan and R Street Institute digital media head Shoshana Weissmann thinks so, too:

And that really, really sticks in Lincoln Project co-founder Mike Madrid’s craw:

Did Ducey say it was?

Calm down, Mike.

Spoiler: Mike decided to be an ass. A major one:

That actually explains a lot about the Lincoln Project.


Let’s hear it for civility.

Just. Like. Lincoln.

Clearly the Lincoln Project’s most recent woes have started to get to him.