It’s even more of a bad time to be affiliated with the Lincoln Project than usual, thanks to a New York Times investigation finding that co-founder John Weaver sent inappropriate messages — including propositions for sex — to at least 21 young men, one of whom was just 14 years old at the time.

Apparently Weaver’s behavior was “an open secret.” Except, it seems, among the people he worked with. People like the brilliant George Conway, who, despite his brilliance, never had a clue that John Weaver was a massive creep:

Who the hell is John Weaver? Don’t ask George Conway! He barely knows the guy!

How do you not laugh at this? Conway and the Lincoln Project are so full of crap, it’s leaking out of their ears.

“I didn’t know John very well.”

“I didn’t know John very well.”

We totally understand why the Lincoln Project would be trying to distance themselves from Weaver right now. But gaslighting is the wrong approach. It’s actually the worst approach, because they’re making it clear that they’re not interested in taking any accountability for their mistakes and terrible judgment.

Sounds familiar, no?

We told them they were turning into everything they professed to hate.

These. F*cking. People.

Sounds about right.