Pete Buttigieg was confirmed by the Senate yesterday as Joe Biden’s transportation secretary, despite the opposition of some GOP senators. And, since the most important thing about Pete Buttigieg is that he’s gay, those senators are homophobes.

Bestselling author Don Winslow wants them named and shamed:

Don is too busy crusading for truth and justice to use Google, apparently.

Well, no matter. Others were willing to put in the work for Winslow:

OK, so, now that Winslow has this information, what’s his next move? Will he deploy his ARMY OF CITIZEN DETECTIVES to confront these senators for being on the wrong side of history?

42 Democratic senators voted against confirming Richard Grenell as ambassador to Germany. Today, Democrats and the Left continue to gloss over Grenell’s role as the first openly gay presidential cabinet member. Clearly they’re even more bigoted than the Republicans.

Speaking of Richard Grenell, what does he think about this? We’d say he’s got more cred on this stuff than Don Winslow.

What’s wrong, Don? Cat got your tongue?


They certainly do.