Well, it’s official: Pete Buttigieg has been confirmed by the Senate as Joe Biden’s transportation secretary.

This is a historic occasion, indeed!

Well, Matt, ackshually

Yeah, Matt. Didn’t you get the memo? These people did:

It’s very important to note that Pete Buttigieg is the first Senate-confirmed openly LGBTQ cabinet official. It’s very, very important to note that.

Because if they don’t, it throws a wrench into their narrative.

Richard Grenell … why does that name sound so familiar?

Maybe Richard Grenell can tell us:

See what he did there?


The Left and media love to shift goalposts. If Richard Grenell were a liberal, they’d have commissioned poems about his historic cabinet membership. But only liberals can be stunning and brave. Conservatives can’t be — unless they’re liberals.

Sure would be nice if they’d put the goalposts down for a minute and just acknowledge the existence of pioneering conservatives.