Sitting Congresswoman AOC has accused an unnamed — and heretofore, unmentioned — Capitol Police officer of possibly trying to lead her to her death during the January 6 riots at the Capitol.

We’d say a healthy dose of skepticism is warranted, given AOC’s track record.

Because AOC’s narratives are often in line with narratives the Left likes to push, it’s probably not a good idea to expect many lefty journalists to do their due diligence on this.

But for what it’s worth, there’s at least one progressive journalist who’s approaching AOC’s story with the skepticism it deserves.

Journalist Zaid Jilani — who has written for ThinkProgress, the Progressive Change Committee, and AlterNet, among others — is no conservative, but he’s nonetheless disturbed by AOC’s dubious story (and by ostensible journalists who can’t seem to muster the curiosity to investigate it further):

Well, progs? Is it?