AOC ‘recounted’ her horrifying experience from January 6 for her many many many fans on Instagram …

We don’t want to say she’s really milking it here but she’s really milking it here.


As you can imagine, the Left and a good deal of the mainstream media rushed to cover the poor darling of the Socialist Democratic party BUT even they had to point out one big issue with her pearl-clutching story.

A ‘twist’ they called it.

OH, so the terrifying man who ‘broke’ into her office was a member of the Capitol police.

And he was hostile.

Alrighty then.

Michael Tracey was among the first to call BS on this story … and he only needed two words.

AG chimed in as well:

AOC is trying to use her ‘experience’ to get rid of Cruz and Hawley. It’s political, nothing more.

She’s acting.

It was a police officer trying to save her.

And she crapped all over him to play politics and to attack Cruz and Hawley.

When someone shows you who they really are, believe them.



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