David Brooks is raising some eyebrows over something he wrote with regard to inequality in America:

Lincoln Project senior adviser Rachel Bitecofer is downright disturbed:

Seems to us like Rachel’s the one who needs to do some reflecting. A lot, actually.

When even Tom Nichols — whose TDS has been some of the most severe we’ve seen — is telling you you’ve gone off the rails, it’s time to take a giant step back.


Yes? And? Where’s the evidence that David Brooks — David Brooks! — has been pouring more gasoline than most on the flames that led to the Capitol riots?


Speaking of rantings, how ’bout that Rachel Bitecofer, huh?

It must be pret-tay potent.

Nope. She’ll double down, if it’s all right with you:

Are a lot of rank-and-file Republicans poring over David Brooks’ columns in the effing New York Times and finding directives to storm the Capitol? Because that would be news.



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