Earlier today, CNN ran with a dubious “scoop” on The Trump administration leaving Joe Biden’s administration with “no coronavirus vaccine distribution plan.”

“One source.” One murky, decidedly not-reliable source.

But as long as it makes Trump look bad and makes excuses for Joe Biden, it’s good enough for CNN.


CNN’s partisan hackery is so blatant that even Politico White House editor and MSNBC contributor — and reliable Democratic defender — Sam Stein is calling BS:

You can call that “spinning” … or you can just call it what it is:

Sam knows they’re lying … he just can’t quite bring himself to say it.

Which is actually kind of understandable when you consider the sort of pushback he’s getting:

Here’s a taste:

Sheesh. A liberal reporter tries a little intellectual honesty and this is what happens.

They’re not interested in facts that don’t make Joe Biden look like the good guy.

No wonder he’s so reluctant to just come right out and say that CNN’s lying.

And we thought CNN was bad during the Trump years. Looks like the worst may be yet to come.

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