The Lincoln Project always has a lot to say, but they’ve been been conspicuously silent when it comes to co-founder John Weaver. Ever since Weaver was accused of — and subsequently copped to — sexually grooming young men in exchange for empty promises of plum political jobs, the Lincoln Project has done their best to erase him.

While the Lincoln Project’s recent scrubbing efforts are understandable, it’s also understandable that a lot of people suspect that the Lincoln Project knew that John Weaver was super-sketchy from the get-go. The guy had a history of being shady and terrible, and the Lincoln Project’s team of fellow shady and terrible people chose to throw their lots in with Weaver.

According to Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Max Eden, there’s another story that sheds even more light on Weaver’s garbage character:

For Weaver to have pulled something like this would be pretty much in-line with what else we’ve come to learn about his character.

And it would certainly explain why he fit in so well with the rest of the Lincoln Project.

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