During last week’s events in D.C., Utah activist John Sullivan was captured in footage storming the U.S. Capitol.

The interesting thing that set Sullivan apart from other rioters was that he had a history of using some decidedly un-Trump-supporter-like hashtags:

Sullivan was arrested yesterday by the FBI.

Well, the story managed to get weirder when people realized that Sullivan had been a guest on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show the night of the riots, where he was presented as a hero of sorts who had just been there to document the riots.

Well, if you can believe it, it gets weirder still. And we have no doubt that you can believe it, because everything is just really, really weird right now.

Andy Ngo — who actually does document violent riots — has learned that Sullivan also starred in a commercial for Uber:

So as it turns out, John Sullivan was more than just a nice guy with a dream of becoming a world-class speed skater. Weird.

That’s special.

Don’t be surprised if that happens for a while.

In any event, going forward, we’re going to have to look at riots in a somewhat different light: