Fox News senior meteorologist recently wrote an opinion piece about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Dean, who lost both of her in-laws to COVID19, has been a fierce critic of Cuomo’s disastrous handling of the COVID19 crisis from the get-go, and she didn’t hold back:

Here’s just a taste of Dean’s righteous indignation:

I believe the deaths of thousands of seniors who have died from COVID in New York State could’ve been prevented, and that’s the reason why I became an advocate over the last eight months trying to expose Cuomo’s own “mistakes and shortcomings,” while the national media crown him as one of their finest politicians.

Had the governor admitted his terrible decisions instead of making posters, plastic mountains and coronavirus artwork, many of us would’ve forgiven him. Had he written condolence cards instead of books about “leadership” I probably would not be speaking up on behalf of other grieving families.

Perhaps in lieu of joking around with his brother on CNN about his love life, doing puff pieces with People magazine or submitting videotape for the Emmy Awards, the governor could have been meeting with families and expressing sorrow for their loss.

We recommend reading the whole thing. It’s damning.

As is Dean’s account of how Cuomo’s office has handled her piece:

Andrew Cuomo has gotten quite adept at trying to bully people into submission.

Andrew Cuomo may be a bully, but he’s no match for people like Janice Dean.

Good for her.