New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to show the rest of the country what bold, competent leadership looks like:

When Andrew Cuomo puts his mind to something, he makes it happen.

And he’s really put his mind to being obscenely awful.

It’s true, there’s some comfort to be drawn from the knowledge that outside of Hollywood and much of the MSM, Andrew Cuomo is well on his way to becoming the most universally despised politician in America (assuming he’s not there already).

And Andrew Cuomo is putting all his eggs in the “dumb” basket.

This … is Andrew Cuomo.

So would California, evidently:

To be clear, the COVID19 vaccine is not a “miracle drug.” But the basic point still stands: Gavin Newsom is a thug. A hypocritical one, at that.

And utterly predictable.

We’ve learned many lessons from the COVID19 pandemic. Including that politicians who were already awful could become even worse.



Man, Andrew Cuomo’s really leaning into the “worst Democrat in America” designation:

We have some questions about the operating efficiency of Andrew Cuomo.

He sucks at it. He sucks hard.